Adriane M., PhD graduate (Calgary, AB):

Melissa formatted my doctoral dissertation. She had a great turn-around time, was very flexible with my often shifting deadlines, had no problem deciphering my cryptic instructions, and did an overall fantastic job! More than anything, my favourite part of working with Melissa is her attitude. Not only did she do a great job, but she was also a much-needed cheerleader. I have been recommending Melissa to everyone I know.

Peter J. McCormick, author of The End of the Charter Revolution (2014, University of Toronto Press):

[Thanks to] Beth McAuley and her assistant Melissa MacAulay at The Editing Company, who patiently went through every line to accommodate the style guide that I had completely ignored. They also tried (not the first people to do so) to curb my strange notion that longer and more complex sentences are always better than short direct ones, that semi-colons are an endangered species that need our help, and that no page is complete without several sets of brackets. They are also ferocious folks with strict ideas about deadlines, which professors tend to forget or ignore.

Stephen Latta, Philosophy Editor at Broadview Press

Melissa wrote supplemental material for one of Broadview’s key philosophy textbooks. It was a pleasure working with a freelance author/editor so capable and reliable! Her skill in attending to both content and grammar is rare. I look forward to working with Melissa on future projects.